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Teri Broadstreet is a survivor of exploitation and Human Trafficking who wears many hats. She is also the mother of a special needs child. Through self-discovery, and her metamorphosis from unthinkable horror to a future of hope, finally peace, using the power of acceptance, literature and love to conquer demons of the past. And, …ultimately, her commitment to help and protect children, empower survivors, and put predators behind bars.

She is raising Global awareness through her writing, advocacy and lobbying for tougher penalties and sentencing for perpetrator’s of abuse. She relentlessly advocates for those at risk, human trafficking and domestic violence victims. Broadstreet seeks to advance unlimited educational resources for our damaged, broken and forgotten children. She works side by side with The National and International Missing and Exploited Children circulating Missing and Amber Alert reports to the public. She advocates protection intervention and prevention for our most vulnerable children and provides valuable resources for children in foster care and our special needs population.

Her quest as a survivor of darkness, is strengthening and bridging gaps, and collaboration within the government sector, and other stakeholder partners to address the underlying causes of the most significant issues causing failure of our community systems to provide proper health, education, protection and care for the successful well-being of our broken and damaged children, and their families. Included but not limited to law enforcement and the trucking industry where there is known escalated risk of trafficking infesting vulnerable venues. She’s on a mission to help rescue victims and empower survivor’s by providing resources and educational tools to develop needed life supports for victim’s until they can “Fly” on their own.

“I believe our world is changing with rising racial tensions the violence continues escalating, reaching fever pitch. To prevent the world from becoming a horrible, fearful and sad place to live we must change with it. No one has been listening to the people and people need to be heard. Let’s deter problems by becoming proactive and align the necessary systems into the framework of our schools, social systems and communities as much needed intervention and prevention. I am rallying everyone. Communities–government, law enforcement, labor forces, businesses, faith groups, non-profits, and just ordinary citizens. We must all do our part.

‘With all of the confusion, I have discovered through much research…..

Love has always been the answer … ”

“Join me it’s a Love Revolution.”

Her advocacy remains powerful and relentless. She lends her voice to speak against violence and unjust towards children and the need to build better, safer communities for all. Her message not only appeals to people’s hearts as it relates to children, but is also one of hope and change, exemplified by her personal experiences and endeavors. As a mother of a special needs child, she inspires audiences to continuously educate their children about human rights and to help them feel accepted as part of an ever changing world. Conqueror of Human Trafficking, exploitation and abuse, an honest and relatable speaker, Broadstreet always looks forward to changing lives through sharing her powerful message with all.

Schools, Foster Care, Mental Health and Health Care Facilities, Workplaces, Government , Law Enforcement, Prison’s and Re-entry, Churches, Foster Care Associations, Non-Profit and National Organizations:

Interviews, Speaking Engagements, Workshops, Books

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When Children CRY/Tiara Trucker Nation is a non-partisan organization and does not necessarily agree/disagree or claim any ownership or responsibility with others views or beliefs when sharing information.

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