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Global Unity Dignity Protection Equality Of Human Beings for a Better World



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With the United States government shining a spotlight on our darkest corners, and a commitment to addressing the underlying forces of a dangerous and grim underground world, America is becoming the mecca for change to end human trafficking and modern day slavery around the globe.

There are over twenty million people who’s lives unveiled and many others who are at risk of human trafficking, needing rescue. I will continue calling out leaders until victims are rescued and are learning the ability to recover and rebuild their lives, to become self-reliant and free in a world of hope. Innovating and creating cutting-edge solutions, to become framework mapping future prototype. The framework needed to propel this mission and vision forward.

We all must be responsible to do our part by becoming the voice of the voiceless with so many lives at stake and with so much work to do..

Living united means being a part of the change. I am rallying everyone from across the globe, our communities–government, law enforcement, labor forces, businesses, faith groups, non-profits, and just ordinary citizens. We must all do our part working together, ultimately, saving lives..they need our help. Become part of the solution working together to create a future for those who are unable.

Let’s create judicial accountability ending corruption that fuels trafficking, violence and crime.

 Your child could be next. In America this should not be happening, although sadly it does everyday, ..in our own backyards. Shame on us. Slavery still exist in the Modern Day of 2,013. Our children and people are not chattel, like products and merchandise that is for sale. We are all Human Beings.

It is time to Let Freedom Ring throughout the World and Echo across the lands..

Not to say I will ever forget, after overcoming the details of my life, because victims do get a life sentence,. However, I have conquered many struggles to overcome the demons of my past. You find strength in the power of fury. So have those select few who have reached out from the pits of hell, here on earth, in effort to help another child, or another broken person to grasp their hands, and show them the way to be pulled from this cruel and unrelenting evil life filled with darkness and shame.

Everyone knows, if I had attempted to try and reach out to you alone, and teach you what I know as truth, the reality of overcoming, my voice would have had no value as an expert, because, much like all of the other victims I am viewed as no one. I am invisible to you. But to me, finally, ..I am. To them I will be.


The Newbreed Abolishionist leading the way, and.. they too shall be.. freed from the oppression and attrition, freed from those chains that bind tormented souls. RESCUE> CHANGE IS ON THE WAY.

Stop Human Trafficking and End Slavery.

I breath, I think, I want, I need, I laugh, I feel, I love, I cry. (alot) ..So do all of the other victims. You see ..we’re not so different than you. If you listen and hear my voice, my purpose for stepping out of the shadows, is to shed light on the truth of this darkness.

If you hear my voice, you will understand this truth. If you understand this truth, you will understand the first steps, the true dynamics, of ending Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery.

A critical part of my mission is to raise awareness, to enlighten and educate the ones who have the means, authority, and power to make the necessary changes. To empower “The Powers At Be”. To help create better understanding of what I know needs to happen, through giving Human Trafficking and Modern Day Enslaved victims a voice.

From the perspective of survivor, and also from the perspective of a therapuetic foster care social service provider, I have worked with the remnants of shells that is left of these children, after their lives lived in torture, abuse, fear and hopelessness. Sadly neglected and unloved.
I too, was also once this child.

I’m taking baby steps in the direction of light in effort to begin the process of bringing others out of the darkness of a secret and hidden world. I believe through my own experience and working with many traumatized child victims in the social systems, I discovered, much like drug or alcohol addictions, the first step in healing is to acknowledge that the problem is real.

People who are victims of human trafficking also need to do this because, of coping mechanisms we’ve created to mask the pain, much like  an ostrich with it’s head in the sand, or a mule with blinders on. The truth of the trauma endured is excruciatingly painful. Without acknowledgement you cannot overcome and heal. I’m here to help you find that voice, I will be your voice and help lead you to find hope and healing.

My purpose ..I am …their voice. I will show them how. It is  “The way, the truth and the light.” .. And it begins here. It begins now.

First up on this long  list of  to-do’s, to address the oppression created when you refer to victim’s of Human trafficking as prostitute’s. I say a little prayer like chant every time I hear this. “Lord please forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

I’m beginning a Global Movement right here, and right now to follow the Special Olympic’s model to end the “R” word. “R” representing the word Retarded. It’s painful and it’s hurtful. My child who also has special needs, has come home from school crying many times because of this cruel and degrading word. End it. Please teach your children to respect other’s differences.

This  is a Global Movement is to end the “P” word. “P” representing the word Prostitute. Same premise. It’s painful and hurtful. End it. Stop Now!

The word prostitute is defined as a person in the business and practice of providing sexual services for monetary consideration or other things of value. This to me defines the pimp, perpetrator, kidnapper, predator. When you refer to me as a prostitute, you imply somehow that I had a choice in the decision at 15 years old, to become a sexual entrepreneur and I am lucratively shopping on money I’ve earned in my sex business.

A Human trafficking victim is just that, a victim. Let’s define victim. The Merriam Webster definition is defined as, “a living being who is sacrificed to a deity–one who is acted on and usually adversely affected by a force or agent–one who is injured, destroyed or sacrificed under any various conditions–one that is subjected to oppression, hardship or mistreatment–one who is tricked or duped.

When you refer to a victim of human trafficking as a prostitute, you are essentially revictimizing and creating attrition and oppression.

It projects the feeling of hopelessness of ever getting anyone to hear you as a victim, or understand you or believe you. It leave’s you feeling hopeless because you are classed a lowlife and unworthy, leading us into believing that we are less than, we are beneath the value of helping. Leaving us alone, abused and incapable of leaving. Finally, leading us into accepting submission to the vices of the very ones who stole our lives, because you ..are somehow more deserving, worthy and more valuable than me.

Do you see the cycle, and the relevance of redefining a victim of Human Trafficking and Slavery as a victim? This is very important to understand. I appeal to governments, professionals, advocates, and the media.

Let’s spread this Movement across the globe to end the “P” word. “P” representing the word Prostitute. ……It’s painful and hurtful. End it.

I am bringing awareness to this issue to shed light and shine awareness necessary to create change for people who are victims and assist them to believe they are just as important as you. They are worthy and their lives are as valuable as yours. They have the same right to live, freely giving of a loving world. To feel like they matter. ..We are not bad people. We are not prostitutes. or any of the other derogatory words associated with Prostitute; Slut, Whore, Ho ..you know the rest.

When I hear or read other professionals, advocates and media referring to Human Trafficking Victim’s, especially, referring to children as prostitute’s, I cringe.. I just want to shake them and ask , Why can’t you see what your doing? Each and every single time you do this, you are unintentionally preventing another victim from ever wanting to come forward.. It has taken me so many years to gather the strength to be able to do so, and this is one huge part of many reasons that it took so long.

Now I realize how powerful my voice has become, and I will use my voice to help other’s.

Suddenly, It was an epiphany when David P. Luna, The Director for Transnational Threats and Illicit Networks, Anti crime Programs, INL, U.S Department of State, Washington, DC of Metro Area International Affairs requested my professional network connections with his words reverberating in my mind..

“Thank you for your Work, Courage, Leadership and Inspiration for us to do our mission”. At that moment it suddenly occurred to me how powerful my voice has become after taking so long to find it.

Knowing from my own experience of overcoming, with my therapeutic work and personal research, each time I hear advocates who mean well, and wanting to help these children and people who most of them are struggling victims of childhood trauma and abuse, and then trafficked in a horrible, relentless industry, and then as if all that is not enough, are regarded as prostitutes, ..I truly do realize how very little is understood about the needs of Human Trafficking Victims.

We all need to work together because that is what it will take. We need to work together to end the “P” word. It is disturbing to know my voice is valued as less than expert, when I am the one who has experienced the reality of the life, overcoming and surviving this dark world.. the one who’s life was stolen like a thief in the night, a victim who’s life will never again be the same.

I fully understand and know this must be done to allow those shadowed, to take that first step out of the dark into the light and path to Freedom Road.. Bring forth a new day and seek justice to rescue the oppressed. Every life saved is worthy. Hear me. Hear my voice. Listen to the victim’s voice. Hear the message I bring speaking for the voiceless.

Let’s put predator’s behind bars with maximum punishments, and see victims protected so they can heal and grow as productive citizens.

Teach Emotional Intelligence In Schools from preschool to university. Empower the vulnerable. Prevent victimization. Help victims to grow into socially , emotionally stable and morally strong successful people. Teach them how to respect others, their peers, subordinates, and themselves. Together we can each learn to accept and appreciate diversity from all cultures, and backgrounds and each of us bring different attributes to the table to accomplish Safety, Rescue, and Freedom empowering all to Stop Human Trafficking and End Modern Day Slavery.

Written by:

Teri Broadstreet



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