Lonn Howarter


Global Unity Dignity Protection Equality Of Human Beings for a Better World



Awareness Leading to Lasting Community Change

Director of GFORCE Development, Nationally and Internationally organizing a global network of GFORCE

Securing Congressional and Presidential Proclamations to declare November as Gang Free Month in the United States.

Mobile Training Units to Law enforcement officers.

Lieutenant at Illinois Department of Corrections

  1. The Gang Professionals Company,
  2. Illinois Department of Corrections

Lt. Howarter started his Law Enforcement career in 1990 at the Farmington Police Department. Lt. Howarter received multiple certificates for law enforcement training in various areas of the field. In 1995 Lt. Howarter was hired with the Illinois Department of Corrections. Lt. Howarter served as Central Intelligence Unit investigator, Black Disciples Specialist, trainer for new Intel officers – BIOT – (Basic Intel Officer Training), Relief Shift Commander, and future FRIT instructor.

Lt Howarter has also taught all over the State of Illinois teaching on behalf of IDOC Basic gangs 101 and the introduction of the MS13 street gang through the Illinois Mobile Training Units to Law enforcement officers.

Lt. Howarter also has multiple training certificates from the Illinois Department of Corrections Training Academy. Lt. Howarter assisted the Chicago Crime Commission with the production of several of the “Chicago Crime Commission” gang books which serves as a resource to all Law Enforcement Agencies in the country In 2010 Lt. Howarter became the first Illinois State Coordinator for the Gang Professionals Company. Since then Lt. Howarter has produced multiple training sessions for Federal, State, and Local law enforcement personnel.

Lt. Howarter has also produced two Gang Professionals – G-force Illinois Gang conferences in the State of Illinois along with multiple gang free proclamations from the Illinois Senate, House, and communities in Illinois. Lt. Howarter is in the process of securing a Congressional and Presidential Proclamations declaring November as gang free month in the United States. Lt. Howarter is an instructor for Gang Professionals, a trusted consultant in gangs, and an expert witness on gangs.

In 2013 Lt. Howarter was appointed as the first Director of GFORCE Development, Nationally and Internationally. Lt. Howarter is responsible for organizing a global network of GFORCE as he has done with Illinois as a model State.



Illinois Department of Corrections

January 1995 – Present (18 years 10 months)Illinois River Correctional Center

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