Global Unity Dignity Protection Equality Of Human Beings for a Better World



I can choose to let it define me confine me refine me outshine me OR I can choose to to move on & leave it BEHIND ME


Founder|Survivor|Charismatic|Innovative |Creative|Disruptive|Leader

Awareness Leading to Lasting Community Change

MindCRAFT training tools are now available internationally on Amazon:

Teaching basic essential life-sustaining skills for healing. Our world is changing. So must we. Emotional Intelligence

MindCRAFT is breathing love back into our communities… back into the world!


Through life experience, research, connecting the dots, and epiphany I have understandings and discoveries to share revealing missing links that I believe are breakthrough. These are real, tangible and doable grassroots, cutting edge solutions that reveal prevention and interventions for human trafficking. I truly realize the urgency and need for solutions especially after numerous enquiries from recognized top experts who are seeking knowledge, speaking engagements and information. If top experts seeking to create solutions are trying to derive answers to these challenges by researching the hows and why’s of me, my answers make me top expert? I think yes. I am. I believe after personally being a survivor I know the truths of this dark world. I also know the truths of what it will take to bridge your world to mine and end human trafficking.

In effort to create the paradigm shift that must take place as the critical path forward to stop human trafficking, racial tensions, violence and crimes, I am currently working relentlessly researching, evolving/developing proprietary training for educating, heightening awareness for rescue of victims, targeting and gearing my design toward Victims, Advocates, Medical professionals, Law Enforcement, Government offices, Faith Leaders, Legal Representatives, Educational facilities, Organizers, Service Providers, Labor Forces, Organizations, Entertainment Industry, while also targeting high risk venues such as the Trucking Industry, Hospitality, Restaurant/Bar, and Adult Entertainment Districts. Collaboration in unison is the only way.

I am researching and developing the Freebird “Mindcraft™ ” training initiative with an exclusive survivor centered/ trauma informed approach, It has unique twist with much sought after solutions, available to the public upon completion. I am working diligently, hoping to be ready in late June in effort to meet the demand of what I believe is to become an avalanche. (date extention I’m working tirelessly to complete this priority. Thank you for your patience)

If you are interested in materials that are not yet available or would like to schedule a private training session for your organization I would love to add you to my itinerary.

You can contact me through e-mail:

Together we can make this difference. Let’s Rock This World!!!!!

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