In light of the major battles involved, human trafficking is often referred to as a war. It is a global war in every aspect because of the enormous violent and ruthless corruption, trailed by violence and crimes.  It infects every walk of life, in it’s grasp, with no boundaries or discrimination. It is infiltrating every nation, ethnicity, race, creed, color, culture, governments, judiciary systems and workplaces on the planet. It is spreading like a plague across our nations that has no cure while often hidden silently in plain site.sustainability2 - Copy

Just as in a war to fight the enemy we use strategies and techniques designed for winning battles, so we must create strategies to fight and win the massive human trafficking war. Human trafficking has become an explosive market for profitable exploitation creating a lucrative thirty two billion dollar business for trafficker’s.

When Children CRY is mobilized for impact for educating people through research and creating solutions. We are innovating best practices,  deterrence and tools to partner with local and victim services as major events occur around the nation, and world where there is known heightened influx of human trafficking.

We advocate to educate and encourage spotlighted media campaigns for prevention awareness, seeking exposure to aggressively combat the demand side of human trafficking. We are seeking extreme heightened awareness with front page coverage at major events such as the Superbowl. We are seeking far more outreach into prevention through school systems by advocating and requesting children be taught Emotional Intelligence in School from Pre-K all way through
University. We advocate and encourage schools to create teams to embrace humanity by stepping back and changing reactions from,”It’s not us, it’s them,  or “Not our children it’s theirs”.

With so many special needs children, and children who are silently being neglected, abused and trafficked in their own homes, in the place where they are suppose to be safe, and where we find safety, protection, nurture and love, they find coldness, pain, hunger, torture and fear. We ask schools to especially teach children and staff to embrace those children who are known to have no familial supports at home, and keep a watchful eye on the ones who do. Without
supports these children do not have a way to receive these basic life skills.

If truth is spoken, with an honest dialogue about our culture and societal hyper sexualization of these human values that is being taught to many of our children today. They are growing up falsely learning, then believing, how attractive you look is the most important attribute someone can have to become a success with a culture of impunity, on top of our epidemic of abuses, violence and crimes. Teaching children Emotional Intelligence in school as prevention is imperative to help to empower them with necessary life  tools and skills, self-esteem and  strength for helping them to make internal changes and adjustments through awareness to themselves for making better choices and decisions. They need a path forward for coming out of the shadows. When these children are left to societies influences, crimes fill vacuums and they are filled with societies most vulnerable.  I was that child.

Live their world. Many of these children are suffering in silence trying to navigate through mental, physical, emotional and sexual abuse.  in addition, many even also struggle with unmet special needs and mental health issues themselves, or within their home supports, that is hindering their abilities leaving them weakened, depressed and in fear of severe harm or punishments for stepping forward.

Because of fear, victims are reluctant to report. They are caught up in this web of abuse and can’t get out, more often than not repeating the cycle of abuse for years to come, through untrained and unskilled life choices of abuse, addictions, trafficking, violence and crimes without even knowing or understanding why, ..To help you better understand, It is because this is the only lifestyle they have been taught, and have ever known. They are conditioned to feel this is how life is suppose to feel and be, sadly as opposed to ever being truly loved, with familial cycles repeating for generations.

I speak from the voice of having struggled and living a life with a vicious cycle and the belief there was no hope or way out because I was never taught a better way, and for those researching solutions, the magic bullet, and answer lies here; even as an adult, …I did not know how to find or create a better way in life, although I could see others around me living differently in what appeared to me to be “normal”, happy lives. It took me many years of struggling, researching and self help therapies (including paws named therapy) and my own personal experiences and studies to discover why and how this is what it is, and why and how to fix it..

Ironically, after many years of living life in a vacuum drowning and engulfed with dysfunction the epiphany came through my research while trying to help others, ..foster children who were living similar dysfunctional lifestyles and backgrounds that I had lived.

It was literally a mindblowing and yes… spiritual epiphany. If  there had never been anything else, a strong faith I also can not explain , has always carried me through. I call it a gift of being a visionary. Divine intervention? I think yes, you can call it what you will. Either way, through  my tears and prayer request asking for solutions and answers for a way to help these children. I was asking how to teach love to those children who never new what love is. Because I knew what they know.  I had felt what they feel. To teach them love is, love. Self love, self esteem, self respect. How can I teach something I can’t even explain? And I believe the same is true vice-versa for those who have never felt unlove to understand their world.

…..And then I slept.

The very next morning.. I went to my computer, I’m not even sure what I was going to do, something work related I’m sure…, but, I turned it on and the very first thing that popped off the page at me was the solution. An article on Emotional Intelligence. I immediately connected the dots.  The solution was in plain site and doable. Teach children Emotional Intelligence In School from Pre-K, all the way to University. Researchers, my epiphany..wait for it…

Here it is::: Without it (Emotional Intelligence), IQ testing will only present false scores, and means nothing, because of the oppression created by lack of …Emotional intelligence.  In addition, from experience, I believe this oppression created by lack of Emotional Intelligence, also hinders and distorts IQ.

With the manipulative finessing and grooming by skilled and practiced pedophiles, predators, traffickers and abusers who are minimizing and rationalizing hyper sexualization, pimping, violence, drug abuse and crime, ..victims are in fear of multiple risk factors, including attrition. Again, unknowingly due to ignorance in the literal sense of speaking by those who are suppose to be protecting them,..yes, law enforcement. We are diligently researching and working toward training and educating law enforcement and our judicial systems to recognize and focus on the perpetrators, predators, pimps, and the
demand of the sex trade, rather than prosecuting of victims who are their prey. Yes, I do have much more on this later.  Just live their world. Look a little deeper about what may not be as obvious.

To raise awareness When Children CRY has created a Movement demanding focus on predators in the care of our foster children, circulating the Foster Care Predator Freedom Act petition in effort to stop any home caring for these children that also houses a predator on the sex offender registry to be deemed unsuitable and unfit environment for foster care placement of children or from ever becoming a foster care provider facility.

Additionally, When Children CRY is looking at Gangs as organized crime in supply and demand of human trafficking victims with credence, urgency and need to rescue, and save lives of enslaved victims who are their prey. People are not property and we seek to eradicate human trafficking, prosecute pimps, predators and pervs through highlighting exposure of demands including sellers and buyers, including, traffickers, pimps and johns by seeking maximum sentencing and punishments, calling them out for what they are in disgrace, disguist and shame ..child molesters, rapist, pedophiles, predators, perverts and ultimately murderers..

We strive to reinforce on many levels highlighting and identifying vulnerable Industries and remove their supply chain including judicial accountability, and other Industries who are notorious for hidden human trafficking and slave labor.

We campaign, advocate and encourage companies to monitor and take action against human trafficking and will aggressively seek action against those who enslave labor victims, often who are also sexually abused, trafficked and exploited. Many of these victims are hidden in plain site. Open your eyes. If you see something, say something.

The When Children CRY Tiara Trucker initiative is “Rollin To Rescue” and designed to help strengthen awareness in high risk venues such as the trucking industry, adult entertainment, hotels, truckstops, with some of the crimes that are hidden in plain site and so are the victims. Look deeper. Some are even hidden in hair and spa salons. If you suspect something, see something, say something. Scout, listen and report. You may be saving someones life.

When Children CRY initiated the LapTop District HeadQuarters that is designed to become the holy grail Globalized central headquarters for IT intelligent brainiacs, governments, law enforcement, judicial complexities, immigration reforms for think tanking, networking, sharing and comparing for solutions, tracking, and prosecutions, to stop human trafficking and end modern day slavery globally by becoming more victim centered with human rights focus through research and  technology helping cooberating evidence and comparing with underlying causes and common points on how to communicate prevention, protection and prosecution , finding missing children and victims in the process all working together, while creating online internet accountability and removing predators online common ground.

When Children CRY is a firm believer in doing the right thing for both people and our planet. I am diligently working to empower people and communities. In my research conclusive reports for the first time ever, by ITEMP the Institute for Trafficked Exploited and Missing Persons to bring to light awareness of the link between poverty, modern day slavery and human trafficking. With rising numbers of unemployment, the working poor and those in vulnerable employment who are living in poverty and/or in developing countries, with developing economies pushing into extreme poverty, economic crisis is causing dramatic increases in human trafficking making more people vulnerable to both labor and human trafficking boosting the supply side of human trafficking around the world.

With urbanity and sustainability as our core infrastructure we seek to address the underlying causes of systems failures and creating solutions through grassroots initiatives, and movements heightening awareness.

With my God given gift of vision, I am a creative innovator, and frontier going where no others have been. For the first time I am unveiling, and spotlighting the When Children CRY “Honey House” as part of the victim recovery 360 Degree Life Escape plan. I am proposing an exclusive and cutting edge initiative inviting sponsorship and partner collaborations, with The Plastic Bank and others recyclers, for sustainable “Global Greening Good”, while additionally creating funding, work and jobs for the poor, and trafficking victims.

I am initiating trademarked plans  for creating an elite branded sustainable products line, and the exclusive beautiful

“Freedom Fire Belons”,  exclusive jewelry pieces,  created by victims, to be revealed using only recycled plastics , recyclables and all natural materials  for aide and funding, initiatives,  programs and financial assistance for supporting recovering victims.

With new information, and knowing the links between poverty and trafficking, I also have initiated ideas for strategically placing “Honey Houses” in what I will call “Green Zones” for creating jobs and work sustaining our planet to be done by actual recovering victims through collecting, selling, trading and creations made by recyclables and/or as a solution and support for a pathway out of Poverty. With people needing jobs now and green job creation has been lagging,

Again, ..When Children CRY has innovated state of the art, cutting edge solutions while caring about victims, our planet and a sustainable future.  Let’s begin shifting jobs to those who have the most need. For many victims, the only choice may be between green job creation or poverty. Now more than ever, we need to show our world and each other that we care about our people, our planet and children’s future.  Let’s Rock This World!

Written by:

Teri Broadstreet.


  1. I agree with everything you’ve written, however, are the so called progressive countries truly willing to begin this downsizing of their needs which they have become accustomed. Are they willing to give up their wants and comforts to stand alongside those they believe inferior. Those whose only choice is to live a hand to mouth existence (in their minds a green existence?) In other words, the populations are afraid of regressing as pushed forward by many of these governments. I wish you only success in these endeavors. Kharis Macey My website: Kharis Macey

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