LapTop District HeadQuarters™

imagesCA1YOXN9Welcome and Enter 

You’re Invited To Our VIP Exclusive Private Club Network ~The Internet Highway to Virtual Orbit!

Tied The Globe Up In A Bow  

LapTop District HeadQuarters™ is a Cutting Edge Mastermind Smokin Hott creation and on a mission in the name of Mankind. This is a Global Movement with the core objective of establishing a Global RedLight Cyber Networking HotLine for Newbreed Mastermind Grassroots Initiative Pioneering Headquarters for World Wide Web Accountability .

 Global Unity Dignity Protection Equality Of Human Beings for a Better World

Our VIP exclusives has your invitation to the premier Network for ThinkTank party destinations on the planet for the Nerdy/Geeks who Are So Nerdy They Even Become Sexy. Nerdilicious! .. Newbreed pioneers of the world wide web accountability headquarter’s.

Read the Cyberfitti on the wall.. We have every intention of becoming the most sought after Network & ThinkTank cyber party destinations in the world. LapTop District HeadQuarters™, VIP exclusives plans to become the #1 website grotto, for co-mingling business intellects, entertainment awesomeness,  dating  delicious fun and play. ..And We’re Just Getting This Party Started!

I would like to extend this exclusive VIP invitation to join us as the premier innovation to sweep the Geeknation.  We are a mastermind creation ..that’s going to Rock This Planet!

We’re the only one stop-pop, one of it’s kind. An exclusive WorldWide Club Movement, cutting edge online virtual club studio with plans of becoming the  elite, exclusive, largest, virtual global gathering playground, for the Geeks Gone Wild™.

Where Google and Facebookies can agree to disagree, shake hands and bring those brilliant minds together, in this Brainstormer, Thinktanker, Mastermindin, Innovator, Nerdilicious place to be, including those working on  challenges in national law-enforcement agencies and governments in different regions of development, rule of law practitioners, senior officials from international organizations such as the United Nations and INTERPOL, and all experts from academia and civil society organizations.

LapTop District  HeadQuarters™  Let’s bring these Brilliant minds together from around the globe  to create online accountability, judicial accountability, protecting children, empowering survivors, and putting predators behind bars.

Entry membership rule  for all who join in this Global Initiative join in a spirit of open cooperation. Although most Network members work for and represent institutions, the main objective encourages free thinking, debates, brainstorming solutions, leaving  your institutional hats at the door. As this Global Initiative develops, Sub-Networks will be convened for specific category or issues.

LapTop District HeadQuarters™ strategy is to assign each category it’s own destined Precinct, gathering at least one precinct from every Country, City and State on this planet.. Example, .. if you are a Google IT Brainiac from Los Angeles, California, then your destined precinct is IT,LACA, if your law enforcement same scenario then it would be LAW, LACA.

I am in progress of tweaking the many various details.  Inbox me  to share any ideas or suggestions.  

Each membership ticket code will be your precinct, with your state abbreviation, and your city name with letter number code to identify and establish the variances  including everything from law enforcement members, to IT Intelligence.


We are extending invitations worldwide.

OWNED! Master Craftsmen Genius  Brainy Athletes  Ready Rockstars,  Exceptional Entertainers Imaginative Actor’s Sharp DJ’s Clever Comedians Brilliant Producers Intelligent Talent Scouts Ingenious Artist Penetrating Musicians Creative Songwriters Whiz Dancers  Keen Photographers Savvy Models,  Highbrow Fashionista Designer’s Enlightened Authors AND Perspicacious Publicist.

 Join our exclusive den for bumpin noggins co-mingling meet and greets business display sharing comparing colaboration creating  producing  together innovate solutions OR just for entertainment dating, or fun & play.

At LapTop District HeadQuarters™, diverse talents of every kind you are invited to our exclusive club.

We intend to become an official VIP host to events of legendary proportion, and now you and your friends are invited to join in the fun by partying with us at this incredible venue. This means that we will make sure that your experience at the LapTop District HeadQuarters™ will be the venue of legendary proportion. 

The Redlight LapTop District HeadQuarters™ VIP exclusives has your once in a lifetime opportunity to bump heads and rub elbows with some of the worlds top minds, geekologist, stars and each other.
Our guestlists will include a-lister celebrities who Intelligize, athletes who strategize, mindblowin rock stars who hypnotize and of course some of the most beautiful men and women in the world. You never know who may be making an appearance.
LapTop District HeadQuarters™ VIP exclusives, recognizes that busy people benefit when time accrues to the personal side of the ledger. What to do with time?

Certainly, the possibilities are endless, but wait. I have to decide, plan and research, and make all the arrangements…that’s going to take time—pause  play. We thought you might appreciate an innovative alternative in our privately held virtual VIP exclusive, online gathering place, that specializes  in providing access to various exclusives, worldwide events, and other likeminded creative innovators, from world renowned venues.

We at LapTop District HeadQuarters™. VIP exclusives is your personal and corporate concierge delivering the highest level of elite private virtual service to individuals and groups  looking for a sophisticated and unique experiences through our venue. If you are on the VIP Exclusives guest list, you will receive an unparalleled level  of service through this venue.

With our launch of event’s we anticipate exploding into the Nerdilicious Networking Empire that is to become. With the rising popularity of the WCC, LapTop  District HeadQuarters™ we anticipate being chosen as the mecca of media, entertainment and party locations. Don’t miss your chance to be at the center of  it all.

We anticipate future club membership & door fees, fun and prizes with your invitation to our exclusive party destinations. As your VIP Host we can help you create an upcoming party event that will surely be beyond your wildest imagination. It’s a win/win venue for you and LapTop District HeadQuarters™.

This venue will provide access to collaboration for other charitable events and parties that will be held during the years ahead. Help Stop Trafficking  and End Slavery Today. Can you think of any better, or more fun way to propel a greater cause?

Welcome to the greatest virtual venue on this planet. If you seek information, resources, friends and fun,……….. Join us for our launch of event’s while your VIP exclusive invitation to one of the premier party destinations in the world is still Urbanity, and our access is open and global.

Let’s Get This Party Started AND Rock This Planet! ……………………………

Accept your exclusive VIP membership today.  

We are rallying everyone from across the globe, 

communities–government, law enforcement, labor forces, businesses, faith groups, non-profits, and just ordinary citizens. We must all do our part working together, ultimately, saving lives..they need our help. Please become part of the solution. Working together to create a future for those who are unable.

End|Human Trafficking|Slavery|Put Predator’s Behind Bars

Dignity|Protection|Equality of Human Beings is our common cause



When Children CRY/Tiara Trucker Nation/ LapTop District HeadQuarters™ are  non-partisan organizations and do not necessarily agree/disagree or claim any ownership or responsibility with others views or beliefs when sharing information.

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