When Children CRY is committed to globally impacting a dramatically changing world. We have identified major global threats through research and are innovating and creating opportunities for action as we partner efforts to create a better world. 

Although resources are shrinking, and our demographic conditions are changing while  inequality continues rising within and between countries our agility sustains innovations while open to joint action through new partnerships of choice. We are creating strategies toward the future.

Through the LapTop District HeadQuarters creation we are convening Global impact by navigating through the volatility of victimization, violence and crimes against children. We believe relevant actors and partnerships is of crucial importance and  are focused on developing strategy.

As leader in disruption of broken societal systems, I am focused and intend to change minds, change attitudes and change restructuring of online (and offline) Globalization through high level judicial accountability. By strategically partnering, we believe is setting cornerstones for the direction towards sustainable development and securing the future for our children of the world for generations to come.

Our Global perspective is to be a development that is sustainable, equitable and truly global.  Our mission, we are committed to, and  addressing many of the societal underlying causes facing our most vulnerable people across the globe.

Our world is complex and rapidly changing where environments are impacted by growing inequality, climate changes, limited resources, financial and political crisis and global shifts of power as new and powerful players add to the layers of complexity. It becomes more and more crucial we foster dialogue in effort to reach common understanding and create necessary movements to propel needed change.

When Children CRY is developing  common , powerful and  coherent vision for a sustainable, equitable and truly global development mission, recognizing diversities. Our key principles are Global Unity, Dignity, Protection, Equality and  Sustainability of Human Beings for a Better World. We are making progress toward sustainability, human rights, universality, and accountability with our initiatives  and movements.

With that said we are  spotlighting the LapTop District HeadQuarters as a powerful mastermind movement creating progress forward by partnering Terre des Homme to stop human trafficking, exploitation, violence and crimes to our most vulnerable children and individuals who are susceptible to societies influences.

We are continually campaigning Global Development, accountability and sustainability to promote and improve all networking, communications, laws and functions toward stopping human trafficking and end modern day slavery by protecting and preventing exploitation of our most vulnerable.

When Children CRY gives special attention to,  and strong representation of unique and powerful movements for change across the globe. We are making Global impact by devising  strategies for the future unparalleled by none.

In only a two month period of time researchers of the International Civil Society Center were able to identify over 1000 adults world wide committing child sex tourism with many more  not researched due to lack of man power.

WCC’s Laptop District HeadQuarters is pro-active advocating change  and accountability for policing on and offline by uncovering the epidemic, urgency and magnitude of child sexual exploitation Globally.

We research, innovate , educate  and create cutting edge grass roots initiatives and will convince Global authorities to take action, make necessary change and We have created and provided networking and tracking  tools of these monsters for putting pimps, perverts, predators, child molesters and murderers behind bars.

Now as a fierce force we are stepping up our game and removing predators ruthless, egomaniacal, narcissistic, common ground online with real accountability. By stepping up their game this  leaves them with no defense, and no where to hide..

New research from Europol reveals and confirms online sexual predators are using increasingly aggressive approaches against potential victims including the use of threats and blackmail. They use the Internet to gain access to young and vulnerable victims with increasing blackmail, extortion and aggression in approaches to children.

They have also revealed possible differences in skilled predators grooming approaches to children with the analysis of grooming methods observed when Australian law enforcement also posed as children online noting some police found offending behavior toward boys geared towards establishing mutual respect and trust, while with females it was structured more toward domination.

The report indicates in addition that sexual predators continue offering incentives tailored to the demographics and interest of, and responsive to changing consumer trends that include: money, clothing and accessories, phones, mobile phones and online service vouchers, concert tickets, virtual items for gaming environments, modelling and performing arts contracts.

These all are lures predators use to gain access and control over our vulnerable children and vulnerable  individuals who cannot escape their clutches once entangled in their webs. The report also confirms the dangers of  production of “sexting” content also finds it’s way to broader peer groups where it’s then distributed and used in ways not intended by the originator. There is evidence that some self-generated indecent material is finding it’s way into child abusive material (CAM) collections of online child sex offenders .

In our ever changing world where predators are free to rule the Internet with a Wild Wild West approach and to freely and smugly exploit, rape and murder our children with no limits or boundaries …I am here to show them I am going to Rock Their World!

Predators are already using these same tactics to lure our children by pretending to be their best friends, confidants, boyfriends of the same age , sex, etc… pretending and telling  lies to lure them in.  If the  truth is spoken, predators already have the ability to become anyone they think that vulnerable person wants or needs them to become in their life,(and do )then extracts and extorts information through false friendships  and trust, or anything else to satisfy their egomaniacal, sick demands.

Offenders are also already known to exploit legal obstacles and are using online storage in jurisdictions other than their own, especially those in possesion of (CAM) is not currently a criminal offense.

With concerns heightened over child safety and our privacy online, there is no question predators are smug and believe they have control with a impenetrable online fortress and are invincible. According to the research “The mainstream adoption of processing in the “Cloud” (distributed computing) (for my techies who understand) will see Internet users routinely accessing online resources using virtual machines and storing files on these rather than their own devices.

Joining hands with the EU Directive on Combating the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Child Pornography, we highly advocate enforcement of criminal penalties and sentencing by member states in their national legislation in the form of “effective, proportionate” (life for life), and “dissuasive penalties for the online solicitation of children for sexual purposes.”

With the Internet and the escalation of sexually illicit behaviors, we invite, advocate and encourage every nation to become a part of this Global Movement by utilizing LapTop District HeadQuarters networking, tools and strategies in our task force initiative to educate to achieve accurate investigations quickly  and make risk assessments without more delay in time, follow-up and have the necessary information, technology and tools to  put predator’s behind bars.  Let’s Rock This World!

My call to predator’s …checkmate!   Here is your online World Star Candy!!!!!….

Written by:

Teri Broadstreet

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