STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING END SLAVERYnothing more powerful - Copy (2)

Our Mission:

Global Unity Dignity Protection Equality Of Human Beings for a Better World

When Children CRY seeks to become a powerful national organization dedicated to leading lasting community changes.

If you suspect Exploitation or Human Trafficking

Call: 1-888-3737-888. 24/7 National Hotline 365 days. Call: 911 for emergencies. You may be saving a life.

We commit to bring awareness and solutions to the world by addressing the underlying causes of the most significant issues causing failure of our community systems  to provide proper health, education, protection and care, for successful well-being of our broken/disturbed children and their families.

When Children CRY focus includes helping missing, exploited, trafficked, disturbed, broken and abused children/individuals, achieve their potential by promoting protection, education, subsidy and financial stability, independence, and good health.

dignity and equality of human beings.

End|Human Trafficking|Slavery|Put Predator’s Behind Bars

Dignity|Protection|Equality of Human Beings is our common cause



When Children CRY/Tiara Trucker Nation is a non-partisan organization and does not necessarily agree/disagree or claim any ownership or responsibility with others views or beliefs when sharing information.

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