Mandate Laws for Judicial Accountability


Global Unity Dignity Protection Equality Of Human Beings for a Better World



Founder|Survivor|Charismatic|Innovative |Creative|Disruptive|Leader

Awareness Leading to Lasting Community Change

When Children CRY Advocates Mandating Laws for Judicial Accountability Judicial Accountability must be brought to the forefront as the missing Pillar to sustainability development for Individuals who abuse the higher power authority over vulnerable individuals

I believe the Venn diagram is incomplete. There is an additional hidden, yet a very powerful Pillar to the sustainability development, Venn diagram, which shows all possible logical relations between finite collection of sets. ……… is …Judicial Accountability.

Yes, I said it outloud, ..because most of us are afraid to.

I am a Founder|Survivor|Charasmatic|Innovative|Creative|Disruptive|Leader|
Raising Awareness|Leading to Lasting Community Changes.

I believe this to be a HUGE very relevant, and very important sustainability issue within the Human Trafficking realm. Until Judicial Accountability is addressed for the world to put protections in place for our most vulnerable from victimization by corrupt individuals who are entrusted to the highest powers ….it flourishes….

Individuals who abuse the higher power authority over vulnerable individuals, especially those
governing so much influence with life altering decision-making powers, must be held accountable
rather than allowed to slither away silently like a snake in the grass as in so many cases with no consequence.

I believe silently… most already know this. I will be the voice and speak the truth LOUDLY!.

Corruption and Human Trafficking


“In early 2009, UNODC launched a survey on the issue of corruption and trafficking in persons. The
survey was conducted electronically. A questionnaire was distributed to a total of 54 practitioners,
including criminal justice authorities, law enforcement agencies, different government bodies, as well as
representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academia and other civil society institutions.
Only 8 practitioners completed the survey.

When asked to identify the categories of public officials most vulnerable to corruption in relation to
human trafficking, 65% of the respondents indicated border control/immigration/customs most
vulnerable; 50% indicated law enforcement and police; and 25% considered civil society organizations.”

Trafficking in Persons and Corruption: Reoccurring Patterns

Police Corruption in Human Trafficking

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