Child ID Kits please pass this on to

everyone you know who has a child.

Office of Emergency Management
P.O. Box# 1472 Longview, Wa. 98632
Office: 360-414-8093 Mobile (503) 705-0258.
Help Us Find You Safety Programdownload
Children disappear each and every day. Most by parental kidnappings, others through stranger kidnappings. Last year we received over 750 calls for assistance. It’s your responsibility as a parent to help those of us in Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue to identify your child before they disappear.You should update this information every year the day after your child’s birthday.Make three copies of this information. One goes with the mom. One goes with the dad. One goes with the grandparents.When my son was growing up, I updated this information each and every year and scanned the information onto a portable USB drive so when I traveled I had the fingerprints and other important data on file.Help Us Find You Child Safety information can save your child’s life.
It’s up to you to make the difference by being a SMART parent and having your child identified before the need arises.

Thank You
Mr. Harry E. Oakes Jr.
Director of Search and Rescue I.K.9.S.A.R.S.
Child Safety Programs Help Us Find You.

See below

1).  Child’s Name:_____________________________________________________
First Middle Last.
Height:__________________ Weight:__________________

Hair Color:________________.

Eye Color:________________. Eye Sight ______________________

(Uncorrected left Uncorrected right)

Shoe Size:____________________.

Child’s physical Identifiers:_________________________________________
(Birth Marks, Surgical Scars, Piercing, Physical identifiers)

Name of Dentist:______________________________________________.

Dentist Telephone:_________________________________________.
(Area Code) Telephone

Dentist Address: _______________________________________________.

Child’s Passport ID#:________________________________.

Issued:__________. Expires:___________.

Recent Photo Side Profile Photo

Full Face Photo. (Pull Hair aside to show Child’s ear). 2).

Fingerprinting instructions.
1). Get an stamp inkpad.

2). Wash the child’s hands and dry them.

3). Ink up the child’s fingers. One at a time.

4). Put the child’s fingerprints on the first piece of paper. Roll the prints.
This gets rid of most of the ink not needed for the print.

Go to fingerprint sheet and ROLL the child’s fingerprint from left to right after getting rid of most of the ink on a blank piece of paper.
Make sure the loops, arches, and whirls are readable and not smudged. Practice a few times on regular paper before actually printing the child.

5). List Child’s Blood Type.__________.

6). Race:___________________.

7). Collect a sample of child’s hair. Take a clean brush or comb, comb the child’s hair and collect 10 strands of hair, place the hair inside a clean dry paper envelope. Put the Child’s name, the date collected on the outside of the envelope.

8). Collect the Child’s fingernail clippings and place them inside a clean dry paper envelope. Put the Child’s name, the date collected on the outside of the envelope.

9). Take a cotton swab and swab the child’s mouth for approximately 10 seconds. Put swab inside a clean dry envelope and seal the envelope. Put the Child’s name, the date collected on the outside of the envelope.

Parent information.
(First Middle Last Maiden – Married Name).
Date of Birth __________________________. Age:_______________.
Home Telephone#________________________ WK#___________________________
Cellular_______________________________. Race:_____________.
Home Address:_______________________________________________________
Work address:_______________________________________________________
Email address:________________________________________

(First Middle Last)
Date of Birth_______________________. Age:_______________.
Home Telephone#______________________ WK#_________________________
Cellular__________________________________. Race:______________.
Home Address:________________________________________________________Work address:______________________________________________________
Email address:__________________________.
You need a photo of the child. One face shot and one side profile shot showing the child’s ear. Yes their ear, it is just like a fingerprint. If the child has long hair pull it aside so we can see the ear. Why an ear shot? Because if the suspect(s) change the child’s clothing and hair style, we can still ID the child with security cameras at the airport, train station, bus station, malls etc.

It won’t happen to me syndrome” must be overcome. It’s better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it. Last year I did 330 cases internationally. Out of the 330 cases, I only had one parent who had this list of items already completed and we got her daughter back alive and unharmed in 3 hours.

Comb out the child’s hair and put it in a clean paper envelope. Not a plastic bag. Put the child’s name on it and the date the hair was collected. This way we have a clean scent article. NEVER smoke cigarettes around your child. This destroys the search dogs abilities to track the child and also destroys the child’s immune system and ability to breath. If you have pets do the same thing with the photo and hair sample.

If the child disappears contactl us immediately no matter where you are in the world. Never just depend on the local law enforcement to get your child back. They often don’t have the resources and abilities that we do.

Please contact them immediately and obtain a case # and an NCIC #.
Then call us out right away. We’re a private resource that gets results.

Other safety tips.
Around water always make the children and pets wear a PFD. A personal floatation device. Often I hear “My child is an excellent swimmer”. Our search teams put 15 children and four pets in body bags last year because they fell in the cold water and drowned.

Hypothermia and the very cold water on a hot day kills adults, children, and pets. Be educated. Never let your child leave on a day hike or camp out with out giving them our Help Us Find you Safety program and the list of essentials.
Water in a container the child can open. A min. of two quarts.

FOOD. Dried beef jerky, Hard candy.

Flashlight with batteries. I prefer a headlamp).

Plastic whistle. (Used for signaling for help and scaring away the scary animals in the night).

Ski cap. In the summer time a child loses 80% of their body heat through their head. It may be 80 degrees in the day time but at night it can get down in the low 30’s.

Rain gear

Space blanket. Open the package and practice at home with the child on how to wrap them inside it “Like a baked potato”. Keeping their faces away from the blanket so they can see and breath.

Teach your child to Hug a tree and stop and stay in one spot. Every noise they hear they should blow their whistle 3 times. This way they can scare away the bad guys and scary animals. Search teams will be out looking for them and will hear the whistle.

Toilet paper It’s better then poison oak or pine cones.

A glow lite camulite stick works great as a night light for the younger kids.
If it’s a small child have them also take their teddy bear or favorite doll with them.

If it’s an older child and once they learn how to use the items safely a Pocketknife. (I prefer a multi tool gerber or leatherman knife).

Candle, fire making materials, matches, lighter, (Again this is for the older child who knows how to make a safe fire.

Map and compass, are also items they should carry.

First aid kit. This all can fit in a fanny pack and each member of the family should have and carry their own. This should contain aspirin, Benadryl, 4 – 4×4 gauze pads, 1 roll of Kling, two triangular bandages. Teach your child how to use these items for cuts etc.

Make sure your child carries these items.
If the child becomes separated then these items can make the difference on our sar teams bringing them home alive or in a body bag.

Practice at home in your back yard before you go with your child. Aske them every time they go out, “What are you going to do if you get lost?”

Stop hug a tree blow your whistle 3 times each time you hear something. stay in one place don’t be afraid of the animals, and do TALK TO STRANGERS but only when you’re lost and don’t let them take you anywhere unless they are a police officer, fireman, paramedic or searcher in full uniform. Etc…..

There are additional resources that I recommend for families in the way of safety (books websites people. etc). FEMA has a great site and coloring books. So does the Fire bureau. We have coloring books for sale for children ages 3 on up that has all this information for the kids. Go to and click on child safety.

I’ve taught our HUFY Help Us Find You safety program to over 6,500 schools camps safety fairs and other presentations for the boy and girl scouts. We’ve saved 16 lives with my program. I’ve documented such searches at the Northridge Philippine Armenia SF and both of the Turkey earthquakes. The Oklahoma City bombing disaster and the pacific NW floods and fires.

For the older kids please talk to your kids about emails and chat rooms.
Last year we tracked down and recovered 7 girls and 2 boys ages from 11 to 18 who were lured by grown men and women posing as younger kids. Each of the kids were kidnapped, given a date rape drug, and then they were raped. 4 of them were transported out of the country for prostitution.
Only one case were the prosecutors willing to prosecute the suspects.
Even though we have statements and evidence that would hold up in the courtroom against the “Bad people” on each case. Even the Fed’s are reluctant to step in and prosecute. It’s very sad.
During each of the cases the police did absolutely nothing to help the parents. WE worked the case from beginning to end and got the kids home alive and into counseling.

If you have any more questions please contact me.

International K9 Search and Rescue Services
Office of Emergency Management
PO Box# 1472 Longview, Washington 98632 USA
Office: 360-414-8093 Mobile 503-705-0258
Email: Web:

Mr. Harry Oakes is an expert in the field of search and rescue. With 41 years of experience, he has been brought in by the FBI, City Police Departments, County Sheriff’s Office, National Parks, Embassy officials, other government agencies and private families to help solve missing persons cases.

Since 1986 Mr. Oakes documented over 9,924 calls around the world. Mr. Oakes has a documented 99% success rate of either finding the victim(s), or determining what really happened to them.

Runaways, suicides, homicides, accidental deaths, kidnappings, natural disasters, man made disasters such as bombings, transportation accidents, persons who are lost, missing, presumed dead. Missing children. These are the types of cases Mr. Oakes handle’s every week.

Being an expert in his field, many attorneys as well as law enforcement agencies turn to Mr. Oakes for consulting advice. So do other SAR units.

Mr. Oakes helped developed the N.A.S.A.R. and F.E.M.A. K-9 SAR Standards as well as International SAR Standards.

Media often calls on Mr. Oakes to discuss current events, cases. Mr. Oakes has been featured in People Magazine, This week Magazine, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Nancy Grace, as well as cases discussed on Oprah and other shows.

If you need his assistance contact Mr. Harry Oakes at or call Harry directly through his office at 360-414-8093 cell 503-705-0258.

Order his book on “Search and Rescue” Harry discusses all aspects of Search and Rescue. Training the person for SAR, training a dog for SAR, the ugly politics of SAR, case by case reviews, photos of his work around the world. He talks about the Kyron Horman case as well as many other cases he’s been involved in.

On this CD Harry also included his first book “A Call to Duty”. SAR Stories through his second search dog’s eyes Ranger.

He also includes his “Forensic Scent Evidence” and “The Truth about Scent, Search and Dogs, and Search and Rescue”. A case by case study of some of his search cases around the world.

When you’re done reading all of the stories, please email Harry at and let him know what you thought of his book on CD. You may also download this CD then pass it on to others so they may learn about SAR.

Thank You.
Mr. Harry E. Oakes Jr.
SAR Coordinator / K9 Instructor. International K9 Search and Rescue Services.

CD Cost $20.00 plus $2.50 for shipping and handling. Send to the above listed address.

K9 Search and Rescue
K9 Search and Rescue SAR Dogs offer services for finding lost people, lost pets and help in emergencies and natural disasters.

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