EIN TAX ID: 80-0302015


Global Unity Dignity Protection Equality Of Human Beings for a Better World



“When We Stand Out It’s Because We Are Carried On The Shoulder’s Of Others” ~TuTu

Awareness Leading to Lasting Community Change

When Children CRY vision is to become the world’s most powerful. cutting edge Globalization World Movement for awareness and solutions creating  a cause base destination in the world by becoming the bridge between Governments, Law Enforcement, Organizations, Technology and Societies, using Eco friendly partnerships, and awareness to network, collaborate, share, innovate and create solutions for helping societies most vulnerable.

We will continually research, innovate, create, design and collaborate for ultimate awareness and solutions. to address underlying causes to the most
significant issues causing failures of our communty systems to provide proper stability for sustainability, protections, supports, preventions, education,
health and care for successful well being of our most vulnerable special needs children, children in foster care and children in social services care who are susceptible to societies influences such as Gangs, Human Trafficking, Modern Day Slavery, Violence and Crimes.

Our first year we will seek seed funding for beginning start up, and funding to execute a live Tiara Trucker,”Rollin To Rescue” initiative asking for
sponsorships, grants and creating fundraising for a ridiculously blinged out (pimp my ride) Tiara Trucker tractor trailer and overhead expense funding for touring live creating  a “celebrity-like” respect while creating a White Knight image for truckers.

Our goal will bring to life a live presence with zero tolerance awareness messages to traffickers and victims in the heart of where they are born and thrive.. We will create live fund-raising events seeking participation into actual high risk and problematic arenas where these crimes flourish, truck stops, rest areas, hotels and adult entertainment venues.

Our quest is for these events and products to help begin generating funding, to supplement all other sponsorship and grants, helping to provide support for victims expenses and for creating and providing “Honey House” safe havens, with 360 Degree life escape plans for victims successful “Learning to Fly” programs.

These programs will aide and support  victims mentally, emotionally, physically, educational and financially by helping provide funding and resources for wellness and health, housing, training and teaching those affected to become self reliant through supports,  helping to create jobs for independence.

We will invite educational and public participation through  news and media outlets, trucking industries and leaders, hotel and adult entertainment venues to participate in effort to raise heightened awareness by including PSA’s, publications, announcements, entertainment events, beauty pageants and contest, inviting fashion creations with “Tiara Trucker” Rollin To Rescue flare and influence by design with presence in real life high risk venues.

We will begin collaborations creating partnerships with governments, law enforcement, educational leaders, organizations, and societies. We will invite television presence to help create a “Tiara Trucker”
celebrity-like status with consideration of a “Tiara Trucker”, reality type show of tour and events to help heighten ultimate awareness.

We will begin researching best practices and begin innovating and designing ways to teach emotional intelligence in public school systems using cutting edge technology, while continuing advocacy for integrated Teaching of Emotional Intelligence In Schools, from Pre-k through University curriculum for prevention targeting victimization and vulnerabilities.

We will ultimately empower children raised in environments with no way to learn these critical life skills for successful living as a top goal.

We will begin research to create best practices for developing mobile task unit teams to aide in natural disaster, training of law enforcement, governments, social systems, and societies,  to implement across the board for recognizing, rescue, treatment, resources and individual support, to begin execution into our second and third years.

We will continue advocating Judicial accountability, for better laws promoting protections for victims and severe punishments for gangbanger’s, predator’s, perpetrator’s, pimp’s or traffickers who exploit and abuse our most vulnerable through higher power authorities as well as against those who are not authorities.

Within five years we seek to become world leading pioneers and Globalized as the Holy Grail Online Internet Outreaching Network known worldwide as the


Our aim is through research, technology, and Innovations to create global Internet accountability, cyber networking for governments, societal,  and law enforcement to aide in stopping Human trafficking and Modern Day Slavery, stopping cyber crimes, violence and exploitation of those who are vulnerable.

Join Us As We Gain Momentum

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